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Finally, the answer to keeping your brand active and engaged on social media without requiring so much time or effort. Get started today!

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Social makes it less time-consuming and complex to...

Manage your social media

Connect all of your Facebook, Google My Business or LinkedIn accounts with one dashboard and begin scheduling content to grow you social presence.

Create engaging content

Create your own spectacular social media graphics with in-platform tools like Banner Builder!

Schedule posts in advance

Schedule your social media posts in advance on multiple profiles, manage them all from a single calendar. View the status of every post and more!

Gain more insight

Get a bird's eye view of your social media marketing strategy and budget with these reports. You'll be able to see which platforms are generating the most clicks, engagements or impressions across all accounts in no time at all!

Track your performance

Dive deep into Intelligence reports to see what social media channels and types of content are driving you the best results.

We can help you manage your social presence

Want help getting your content and social media game on point? We’ve got you covered. Contact our team of dedicated professionals with one call, who will work as hard as you do to make sure it all looks good! Watch this video.

And, all of these benefits.

Everything you need to be successful online. With more tools than other marketing platforms, GFunnel Business® gives you everything you need to succeed.

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Plus, explore free account tools. No credit card required.

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