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Our AI-Powered Project Management Tool streamlines processes and reduces manual workload, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on delivering exceptional results

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We help you increase your productivity and profitability by taking off the stress of managing their projects and customer relationships.

It's time to stop wasting time on managing projects the old fashioned way. It's time for Agile Project Management Tool.

Revolutionary AI-Powered Project

Management to Save Time

Our AI system can generate descriptions, labels, and checklists based on the title of a task, helping you to reduce the amount of manual work involved in organizing and managing tasks.

Streamline Your Project Processes and Boost Your Productivity with Projects® Tasks Features

Time Tracking

Projects® time tracking feature allows you to track time spent on tasks effectively. Easily export data to Excel or sync with other tools via our API.

Task Checklists

Projects® task checklist allows you to divide your workload into smaller, more manageable chunks.


Projects® comments feature allows clients and project team members to have an asynchronous, trackable conversation in a simple way.


Projects® files and YouTube videos feature allows you to easily download attached files and assign videos to tasks.

Code Highlights

Projects® time tracking feature allows you to track time spent on tasks effectively. Easily export data to Excel or sync with other tools via our API.

Due Dates
Projects® due dates feature allows you to determine deadlines for tasks and keep your team's task awareness.

Projects® sprints feature allows you to relate your project stages to objectives and order tasks into Projects® sprints.

Assign & Collaborate

Projects® assign and collaborate feature allows you to keep one or more people responsible for a task and share it to work together.


Projects® subtasks feature allows you to add detailed extra steps that constitute a task. Subtasks are extremely helpful when working on large projects.


Projects® labels feature allows you to quickly see commonalities among tasks, such as requirements, locations, or dependencies.

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Real-time Updates and everything you need to successfully manage your projects

Projects® will help you and your team members to effectively manage your projects, tasks, discussions and everything else you need to do to achieve your goals. Check projects’ updates in real-time.

💁 Driving Agility in your Organization

Projects® is a powerful, flexible and simple solution for planning, managing and tracking software projects. Projects® offers everything needed to manage and track projects efficiently.

💪 Boost your Productivity and Motivation

Keep your team motivated and increase performance with personalized boards. Easily evaluate performance so you can reward your team.

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Perfect for optimizing collaboration, monitoring progress, and assigning tasks. Spend less time battling emergencies and more time delivering quality.