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Setting up a payments system can be a lot of work! But we won't let that stop you. We'll help you get started. Connect your bank account, accept payments from customers and send invoices within minutes all without being a tech expert - we're here to do all the technical stuff.

Plus, explore free account tools. No credit card required.

Payment helps you to...

Accept payments in just moments

Accept payments from your customers in a snap with our easy-to-use payment processing. Connect to any bank account and manage all aspects of accepting credit cards, checks or money orders on the go.

Online & in-person payments

Accept all of your payments in person with your mobile device or tablet, online via invoicing and subscription billing!

Accept virtual payments

Become the master of your digital doorstep with Shop App. This app allows you to build an online store or use Payment Forms on almost any website platform, from WordPress to GFunnel Business® Websites!

Send invoices easily

Get paid in one click 24/7 from any device. Keep track of the status of all your invoices with real time updates, send online invoices and estimates instantly without being worried about late payments or missed deadlines!

Sell products on an online store

Set up an online store with a modern design that makes it easy to sell, ship orders and more. Plus sync your account for Amazon shipping too!

Easy subscription billing

You can set up products to be automatically billed at any interval you choose, perfect if your business needs monthly service or annual membership.

See all of your customers in one place

See everything about a customer in one place, as their payment details, the lifetime value of their relationship with your company, and their overall ranking within your CRM data. Marketing attribution and much more besides can all be taken care of by our product.

Automated bookkeeping

Billing your clients manually takes up a huge chunk of time and energy. By connecting your QuickBooks Online account to the Payments app, you’ll spend less time reviewing and editing past invoices, organizing sales receipts with fewer clicks, saving money on fees!

Overview reports and more

Stay on top of your sales! Monitor all revenues and expenses. Keep a record of customers, orders, subscriptions and get an instant overview of all the active products for any period. Explore refunds and disputes thanks to our payment module included in your dashboard. Never wonder about your numbers again!

Get all the capital you need

Get approved for the funds you need to grow your business with GFunnel Business® Capital. Higher approval rates than banks and less paperwork. Get a decision in 48 hours and funds in as fast as a week.

And, all of these benefits.

Everything you need to be successful online. With more tools than other marketing platforms, GFunnel Business® gives you everything you need to succeed.

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