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Develop forms for anything you need

Create forms for all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for a lead form, customer form, appointment form, application form, payment form, feedback (or even newsletter) form or any other custom forms you can think of – GFunnel Business® is the perfect tool to manage them all in an easy way!

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Forms make your tasks easier through...

Leverage forms for any type of industry

With our industry-specific forms, you can be confident that your customers are getting the information they need to make an informed purchase. Our easy customization options let's us produce a tailored experience for each individual business with no programming required!

Catch more leads

Lead forms are a great way to collect all the information you need from your leads, which is then easily added onto a website. Lead Form can sync with CRM and auto-assigns specific sales reps as well send out emails when triggered by certain events!

Gather customer data

The forms you need for any type of project are just a few clicks away. Create them in the form builder with ease, or sync up your customer information across several tools like email marketing lists so it's all accessible on one platform!

Reserve appointments and classes

Utilize online booking and scheduling for appointments, meetings, estimates or anything else of that nature. All the fields sync with all CRM tools.

Accept all types of payments easily

Custom payment forms can be a great way to make money online. GFunnel Business® allows you to have simple and effective payment forms, crunch the numbers and start selling! You can accept payments on invoices by gathering customer information with things like email marketing!

Collect feedback

Learn more today about how to leverage forms in order to better connect with your customers and stay organized with survey software. Alert specific managers when a form is submitted, automatically add results and more!

Applications for different fields

Post your application forms for staff positions online so that qualified candidates can apply. Then, use the CRM to keep track of their contact information and follow up with them as appropriate!

Improve potential newsletter subscriptions

You can grow your subscriber list by creating newsletter subscription forms that are easily connected to automated email journey campaigns.

Integrated forms

The platform is a one-stop-shop for all your sales and customer management needs. Not only do they have an easy-to-use form builder, but you can also manage contacts in CRM with ease from their website!

And, all of these benefits.

Everything you need to be successful online. With more tools than other marketing platforms, GFunnel Business® gives you everything you need to succeed.

Find everything here you need to support and grow your business.

Plus, explore free account tools. No credit card required.

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